Thursday, 12 July 2012

21 Baby!

Happy Birthday to me!!! Today I turned 21, where the hell have all those years gone? From Nappies, to heels, to FOUR GREY HAIRS, I have survived 21 fabulous years. Now its time to start taking on responsibilities- well maybe wait a few more years! Today I had such a fantastic day- shopping with my mum, breakfast out, lunch out and dinner out- someone roll me home! But the real celebrations start this weekend so will keep you updated with THE party dress and shoes. Anyway, thought I would do an outfit post on what I wore this evening. Dinner was a smart casual thing as we are all saving ourselves for the weekend- but we still managed to consume vasts amounts of bubbly tonight whilst getting very merry! Cheers! x
Shoes Kurt Geiger
LOOOOOOK you can see my toe prints in the suede!
One happy chappy in my Zara dress
Birthday present from my parents! First ring my Father ever bought my mother- how romantic… now I have my sticky mitts on it!
I Accessorised my outfit with this antique Coral necklace and earing set I received for my birthday from some dear family friends, how beautiful are they!
Thank you to my parents for such a special day- very excited for the weekend! I’m one spoilt lady!
Charlotte x


  1. I love your outfit, and that ring is so cool and special :)

    Rose x

  2. You look so lovely on these photos. The shoes are gorgeous. Hope you had a nice birthday!

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