Thursday, 12 July 2012

21 Baby!

Happy Birthday to me!!! Today I turned 21, where the hell have all those years gone? From Nappies, to heels, to FOUR GREY HAIRS, I have survived 21 fabulous years. Now its time to start taking on responsibilities- well maybe wait a few more years! Today I had such a fantastic day- shopping with my mum, breakfast out, lunch out and dinner out- someone roll me home! But the real celebrations start this weekend so will keep you updated with THE party dress and shoes. Anyway, thought I would do an outfit post on what I wore this evening. Dinner was a smart casual thing as we are all saving ourselves for the weekend- but we still managed to consume vasts amounts of bubbly tonight whilst getting very merry! Cheers! x
Shoes Kurt Geiger
LOOOOOOK you can see my toe prints in the suede!
One happy chappy in my Zara dress
Birthday present from my parents! First ring my Father ever bought my mother- how romantic… now I have my sticky mitts on it!
I Accessorised my outfit with this antique Coral necklace and earing set I received for my birthday from some dear family friends, how beautiful are they!
Thank you to my parents for such a special day- very excited for the weekend! I’m one spoilt lady!
Charlotte x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

It’s a REDROCK Summer

Redrock fashion have really excelled themselves this summer with all the cute girly summer dresses… bright colours and prints will work nicely with golden sun kissed tans. I did a shoot for them just before June and here are some of the adorable pieces. Its so frustrating sometimes because everything they want me to model- I WANT TO KEEP!
You can find these darlings at
Charlotte x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

And I'm off to the races Cases of Bacardi chasers Chasin' me all over town

This June was my beautiful friend’s 21st Birthday shin dig at The York Races. I had never actually had the chance to go to this event before, so when I found out this was what we were doing I was quite the excited girl!
First things first, I wanted to wear a big floppy hat that resembled Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s- You know the one! So I was delighted to find a hat in Zara when I decided to get my arse down there to stock up on some Spring/Summer clothes. I really feel this season Zara have got it down to a T for summer party dresses! I also bought a gorgeous white skater dress where the whole back panel was lace, matched up with the top half at the front- very girly! My hat was black so I thought knowing English weather IT WILL, dare I say it, RAIN! I was right. Luckily I paired my ensemble up with a black tailored Zara Jacket (pretty standard thing for me to do) and some high- black paintent Kurt Geiger’s along with my Reiss Clutch and Moschino belt.
Although it rained the day was bloody fantastic! Pimms, Champagne, carvery and a spot of betting was what the day consisted of- and the very loud screaming, squealing and chanting on our behalf when winning races- yes we are very well behaved ladies!
Charlotte x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Doesn't Time Fly...

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been a very busy little bee! This June has been absolute madness, I was lucky enough to work for an amazing brand (more on that later) for a whole month and to live with one of my best friends in London. All that experience crammed into a short month has made me realise I am ready for the next step, when I finish my course next year, to get my arse down in London!
Just before June I found out I passed my second year at university with flying colours with A grades- well aren't I the geek! This gave me the extra spring in my step to run faster to my internship with excitement.
Just a few pieces of imagery from my Uni work below.
des 1
des 2
I’m totally excited about July as I have some exciting things happening- my birthday for one! Will keep you posted.
Charlotte x