Monday, 27 February 2012

Darkness and Free Flowing

At University we have started a new module (seriously why give me more work!) where we get to choose our own concept (hallelujah!) and adapt it to the live project set. My concept is about “Darkness and Free Flowing”. Thought I would share with you a few snaps from my sketchbook as a starting point of this project, as I know you are all so interested in my University work- yawn!…
Charlotte x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Isn’t she lovely

Uni work, uni work, uni work… that’s all my life is at the moment (*cough* with the odd night out of course) but seriously, I cannot wait until the Easter holidays arrive! My house mate and I have been working hard- well there is the odd coffee break but we do need it! So on our routine break which consists of a Costa Coffee dash, coffee cake and fruit coolers, we had a cheeky look at some fashion mags for some inspo for our work- and there she was… Lana Del Rey on VOGUE! We are both slightly obsessed with the big eyed-full pouted beauty and let’s just say thank god there was more than one issue on the stand- or there would have been some hair pulling! From her long groomed hair, movie star looks to her absolutely phenomenal quirky style- she is my favourite fashion figure on the scene at the moment.
My housemate Rosie has decided to use Lana’s trademark- flowers in hair, for a starting point in her university work. We pinned my flower fairy lights around my head which looked quite cute- but bloody hell they got quite hot when switched on.
I would do anything for Lana Del Rey’s wardrobe! Anyway these are some of the snaps Rosie produced for her work.
Think I may steal Lana’s style and wear flowers in my hair as often as possible! Charlotte x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lovin’ all this Playfulness

Don’t you just love writing a massive piece and then your laptop crashes… AND YOU LOOSE WHAT YOU JUST PRODUCED!!!… yes that just happened- waaa feel sorry for me- so I will try again, Take two:
I just cant get enough of the Spring/Summer 12 trends at the moment. I love all the references to childhood, ice cream colours and girly glamour. Recently I went to London to research for some store reports- yawn, but when I got there I was just so overwhelmed with all the shop window displays. Everything was so playfully displayed with circus themes, pastel coloured wigs and Giant ice creams (if only they were real!). I was nice to see that all the stores from high street (Topshop) to the high end designers (Louis Vuitton) joining in with this display theme.
So anyway, I thought I would post some of my cute head pieces which are quite girly- referring to the recent trends. I wish I could wear some all the time- but I literally feel like my head will POP if they are on too long- things we do for fashion!
Bit of inspo…



You can find these beauties from places like Topshop and Miss Selfridge.
Now Time for a cup of tea…
Charlotte x