Saturday, 18 February 2012

Isn’t she lovely

Uni work, uni work, uni work… that’s all my life is at the moment (*cough* with the odd night out of course) but seriously, I cannot wait until the Easter holidays arrive! My house mate and I have been working hard- well there is the odd coffee break but we do need it! So on our routine break which consists of a Costa Coffee dash, coffee cake and fruit coolers, we had a cheeky look at some fashion mags for some inspo for our work- and there she was… Lana Del Rey on VOGUE! We are both slightly obsessed with the big eyed-full pouted beauty and let’s just say thank god there was more than one issue on the stand- or there would have been some hair pulling! From her long groomed hair, movie star looks to her absolutely phenomenal quirky style- she is my favourite fashion figure on the scene at the moment.
My housemate Rosie has decided to use Lana’s trademark- flowers in hair, for a starting point in her university work. We pinned my flower fairy lights around my head which looked quite cute- but bloody hell they got quite hot when switched on.
I would do anything for Lana Del Rey’s wardrobe! Anyway these are some of the snaps Rosie produced for her work.
Think I may steal Lana’s style and wear flowers in my hair as often as possible! Charlotte x

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  1. you are looking gorgeous with or without your fashion technology and off course your drawings.... how nice of you


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