Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Admiring Amy

Just a quick post as tonight as I have been a keen bean doing my essay- ew!
This is my beautiful friend Amy- I came across these photos of her going out the other night and I just wanted to show you all how lovely and flattering her dress looks!
I love how Amy kept it simple and chic with dark lipstick- with her hair sophisticatedly pinned back. I ADORE the cute peter pan collar.
You can find this beauty from Top Shop, only £55- I personally don’t think the white mannequin does this dress justice, however look how fab Amy looks in it!

Charlotte xx

Monday, 28 November 2011

My Jumper Fluster

When searching Brick Lane- in London for some street style to photograph I came across so many beautiful vintage shops… this is like placing a chubby-sugar loving kid in a sweet shop! I cannot resist sequins, most vintage shops I come across have sequined items- never leave me alone in the sequined section as I won’t have any Student Loan left! 
I was drawn to one of the shops as I could see some sequins shimmering at the corner of my eye. However I was here to do University work so I couldn’t fuel my addiction for too long.
I did however find a adorable oversized jumper with an explosion of sequins covering it!
I wish, I wish I could do fish tail plaits in my hair all the time, but unfortunately they turn into rat tails-fortunately my housemate offered to do one for me but I think she will regret this as I probably will make her do them all the time for me now.
Jumper paired with lace leggings from Top Shop from about two years ago.

I’m so pleased with this purchase which made my research day in London just that little bit better- comfort and glamour all in one-Winner!
Charlotte x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Trend, Colour, Research and Mr Gareth Pugh

At university I’m in the process of researching and creating a customer profile for a designer/shop. Then I produce a mini collection that could be sold by the designer or for the shop I have chosen. Personally I didn’t want to look at the obvious of choosing Top Shop or any other high street brand. I want to work within high end fashion eventually so why study River Island when I can look at a really different and individual brand/designer. I chose the designer Gareth Pugh- women’s wear to study. After all he is one of my favourite designers- this makes it all so much easier to work with.
Firstly I made a board up of places I have currently visited and picked out key inspirational images to work from:
After producing this board, I took two key images that I wanted to take my colour palette from and created a colour board…
I love the idea of working with metallic, neutral and cool grey colours. We also had to choose a trend for Autumn/Winter 2012 to study from…
Taking the trend of Gothic Glamour- leathers, laces, statement steel like jewellery, chiffon and rubber. Combining this with my colour board and key inspirational images- I need to produce my mini “Gareth Pugh” collection.
This weekend I decided to go out and explore the world of Gareth Pugh’s clothing… well this is very hard as he actually doesn’t have a store anywhere in England! Therefore I took a quick trip to London with the boyfriend. He helped me have a peep into some of the very few shops that sell the wonderful pieces made by the genius himself- Gareth.
First stop 127.Brick Lane:
Although this was the only section on the rail that was in the shop, as a lot of the stock was sold out, the lady who worked there was so helpful. She even let me take photographs!
Take a look at the tight fitting, flowing fabric and futuristic designs:
I was hoping to purchase a ring from the collection but they had sold out everywhere as its so popular- I’m not surprised to be honest the ring is very unusual and it’s only £62!
Above is the ring I can’t stop obsessing about.
Next stop Layers London:
Inside was the collaboration of Gareth Pugh and Melissa collection which consisted of scented shoes! I felt a bit odd putting a shoe towards my nose in public and giving it a big old sniff! Sadly I was unable to take photos inside the store… however the cheeky girl I am, I stood in front of the massive shop window and zoooooooooomed in on my camera on some of the clothes- yes the shop assistant was staring at me-awkward but I do have university work to complete! Give me a break!
The cheeky snaps I took:
I then headed down to Dover Street Market as I knew they sold Pugh’s designs, but after the long walk and getting lost trying to find the place it came to my attention that they only sold a pair of leather trousers and a jacket!!! Disappointing or what?
After the small disappointment I decided to call it a day and explore London with my boyfriend. He was happy to so he could have fun and not have to be dragged about- and dodge the shop assistant whilst I take sneaky photos of clothes!
IMG_1312We found this cute lit up Christmas tree near Dover Street Market and instantly my mood was lifted! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Charlotte xxxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Sequin Shorts and Shiny All Sorts

I always enjoy returning home from university to packages addressed to me. Especially when I have had a stressful day in the machine room to find an ASOS package makes my mood just that little bit better…well to be fair I usually beam with happiness when receiving online clothes purchases- which seems to be an unhealthy habit of mine.
 Not only do I have an unhealthy online shopping addiction- I adore purchasing jewellery. From statement necklaces, to vintage dress rings, to strange animal/bug like jewellery! Yes bug jewels- I own a pair of Green fly earrings- some may think weird- I think genius!
So last weeks delivery consisted of a pair of multi-coloured sequined high waist hot pants from RARE. At first I thought they looked like a bedazzled nappy- but as soon as I slipped them on I thought wow these make me feel fab! I would never wear them without black tights as I cringe at the sight of bum check creases on show as this is very tacky! So keep it clean girls!
I paired the outfit up with my clogs- well I like to think they are better than clogs as they make me feel about 6ft tall!
THE JEWELLERY! I added my cheap Primark £2 bangles with my leopard and zebra print bracelet which I have had since I was 14! My H&M owl ring and  a skull ring from the local vintage shop in Northampton- Most Marvellous Place to Shop. Finally I added one of my most favourite pieces of jewellery which is a statement necklace from the John Lewis Vintage jewellery section. My parents bought me this when they came to visit as  a treat- yes I ended up picking the most expensive piece with fossils in- but who could blame me? To me its beautiful- but really heavy may I add!
I wore the shorts with a plain black body from H&M, black chiffon Valentino top and black tights with massive ladders up each leg at the back from Marks and Sparks (yes the ladders are supposed to be there).
As you can tell by the last image I was a very happy chap with my ASOS purchase… So maybe when your feeling down just try a bit of online retail therapy- the anticipation of it arriving is always a mood lifter!
Charlotte x
(Photos taken by the wonderful and talented Miss Rosie Ashley- follow her on

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fashion Technical workshop progress

Every Friday at university we have a fashion technical workshop in the machine room. This term we are currently learning how to make a standard tailored women’s wear jacket, then after take the knowledge we have learnt and make a tailored jacket to our own design. I thought I would share with you all my progress on this workshop. We are currently at the point of nearly finishing the jacket demonstration and all I have left to do is attach the lining to the jacket before constructing my own design.
The photos above are of my technical file where I have to show the process of making a tailored jacket, Pocket samples (jetted, jetted with flap, welt, slanted welt, patch, bluff), constructing the lining process and dart manipulation.
Photos of research into different trends for jackets so help me come up with a concept for my jacket design. I combined Country wear with Fetish- “Country Fetish”
Inspirational photos for my “Country Fetish” designs.
Above are a few sketches of my ideas for my concept. I really want to use leather and tweed in my final jacket. However I need to source some soft leather as it would be easier to construct which I’m currently on the look for. However I managed to grab some good quality tweed from my fashion technician by chance- 4m for £2.50… ABSOLUTE BARGAIN! I think there was an instant regret as soon as I gave her the money…
My jacket and lining so far … excuse the creases!
I’m so excited to move onto my own designs- Will keep you posted!
Charlotte x