Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Show ya Mo’

Gosh, what a week it has been! I literally have been so stressed over university work- anticipation for my blaaaady grades- so far so good, pretty chuffed with myself on the feedback I have recently received. I can now just chill out… NOT.
We have started a whole new live module which is quite important- so today I had to drag myself out of my toasty warm bed to get my tired arse down in London. This was for a whole day of store reports and V&A fashion archive exploration.
Store reports- successful, V&A fashion archive- unsuccessful- blugghh. The museum have decided to referb the section with all the clothes so it is shut down at the moment- great- NOT. So me and my pal Rosie decided to check out the gift shop for some post card inspo for our work- forget the post cards I FOUND A LEATHER MOUSTACHE. You may think I have gone a little crazy but I’m slightly obsessed with moustaches- anything with them on- jewellery, T-shirts, mugs- you name it- weirdly not so keen on the real thing, seriously boys shave that thing off!
Anyway thought I would just step away from my uni work for tonight and show you my Mo’!
Cute Boots from Zara
Leather trousers- H&M, Bowler hat- Urban Outfitters
Moustache key ring- Victoria and Albert museum, cuff- Regal Rose, T-shirt- Topshop/Tea and Cake
Charlotte x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tis the 21st Season!

This year me and most of my friends are starting to turn 21… I love all the celebrations happening all at once in one big chunk, I love the constant outfit and present planning- gosh its all just so overwhelming.
So last night was my course mate Hannah’s 21st, I decided to not wear a black dress because as we all know I’m sick of this cold dingy weather…
Dress- TopShop
Waist belt Michael Kors
Of course my beautiful Kurt Geiger's
Just another 6 months until mine- ekkkk!
Charlotte x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

REDROCK Girly Frock

I’m so sick of this cold weather, I can not wait to wear all my summer dresses and cute little denim shorts. I have had enough with woolly jumpers and thick socks, so today I decided to wear my cute vintage- navy flowery dress from REDROCK fashion. In my head I felt a little spring warmth which made me feel better when wearing the dress- although it was bloody freezing outside, but still it cheered me up! 
REDROCK fashion have some gorgeous vintage dresses that would brighten up your wardrobe ready for Spring- go have a little peep and maybe treat yourself!
Charlotte x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Draining Deadlines

Gosh this week has been so stressful, I had a deadline for one module on Monday and today was my fashion technical workshop deadline. Over the Christmas break I had to complete my own jacket design which I have finally finished! I have spent the week crouched down on the floor doing sketchbook work etc.- I literally have black bruised knees from doing so- not a good look. Here are some snaps of my final jacket- was harder to make at home as I don’t have an industrial machine… but I did it! 
Now all my deadlines are over for now, all I cant think about is going to the gym, pampering, doing some outfit posts I have lined up and actually having a social life again- hallelujah!
Charlotte x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

C’EST- My hangover cure

Last night me and my housemate Rosie went to the student Launch club night of MINTED-BBC Northampton which was amazing. I think this will be something that will take up all my Monday nights from now on.
We had to get up really early today to look at the fashion archive at the Northampton museum for our University work- oh gosh photographing clothes in a hot warehouse is really not a good idea when you have had no sleep with a hangover- all I could think about was what amazing food could I have to cure me (big fat ass burger?).
As if by magic I was cured! A delivery from Kurt Geiger! I have been staring at these shoes online for ages- as soon as my wonderful student loan popped into my account- the time had finally come, these babies would soon be mine!
C’EST-Kurt Geiger
These bad boys were reduced in the sale from £350-105, BARGAIN! forget the burger- saved the calories and money on the shoes!
Enjoy drooling at them,
Charlotte x

Monday, 9 January 2012


First of all I would like to apologise for not blogging recently- I have been really ill over the Christmas break (yes, poor me) and I had so much work to do as I have a few deadlines this week. So anyway, I’m on the mend now and that's enough moaning from me…oh and Happy New year may I add!
So today at University I handed in the first part of my project which was all about research and development before the designing stage. Surprisingly today I was quite calm as normally I’m a nervous wreck with bad hair and puffy eyes as I haven't slept properly the night before from worrying.
Here are a few snaps of some of the sketchbook work I have handed in today…
Gareth Pugh-Designer report board and sketchbook notes
Trend Board and Customer Profile Board
Key inspirational images and colour board
Some of my Street style pages
Yorkshire Sculpture park Sketchbook work
These are a few photos from my personal sketchbook with photos I have taken with some doodles!
Next deadline is on Friday so I shall post my Fashion technical workshop work up when I have finally worked through the mountain of work I may just drown in. Wish me Luck!
Charlotte x