Tuesday, 10 January 2012

C’EST- My hangover cure

Last night me and my housemate Rosie went to the student Launch club night of MINTED-BBC Northampton which was amazing. I think this will be something that will take up all my Monday nights from now on.
We had to get up really early today to look at the fashion archive at the Northampton museum for our University work- oh gosh photographing clothes in a hot warehouse is really not a good idea when you have had no sleep with a hangover- all I could think about was what amazing food could I have to cure me (big fat ass burger?).
As if by magic I was cured! A delivery from Kurt Geiger! I have been staring at these shoes online for ages- as soon as my wonderful student loan popped into my account- the time had finally come, these babies would soon be mine!
C’EST-Kurt Geiger
These bad boys were reduced in the sale from £350-105, BARGAIN! forget the burger- saved the calories and money on the shoes!
Enjoy drooling at them,
Charlotte x

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