Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Show ya Mo’

Gosh, what a week it has been! I literally have been so stressed over university work- anticipation for my blaaaady grades- so far so good, pretty chuffed with myself on the feedback I have recently received. I can now just chill out… NOT.
We have started a whole new live module which is quite important- so today I had to drag myself out of my toasty warm bed to get my tired arse down in London. This was for a whole day of store reports and V&A fashion archive exploration.
Store reports- successful, V&A fashion archive- unsuccessful- blugghh. The museum have decided to referb the section with all the clothes so it is shut down at the moment- great- NOT. So me and my pal Rosie decided to check out the gift shop for some post card inspo for our work- forget the post cards I FOUND A LEATHER MOUSTACHE. You may think I have gone a little crazy but I’m slightly obsessed with moustaches- anything with them on- jewellery, T-shirts, mugs- you name it- weirdly not so keen on the real thing, seriously boys shave that thing off!
Anyway thought I would just step away from my uni work for tonight and show you my Mo’!
Cute Boots from Zara
Leather trousers- H&M, Bowler hat- Urban Outfitters
Moustache key ring- Victoria and Albert museum, cuff- Regal Rose, T-shirt- Topshop/Tea and Cake
Charlotte x

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  1. You are so stunning! And have such an enviable figure.



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