Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas goodbyes

Wow, how fast did Christmas go? I literally feel like it lasted for a few hours, suppose its only 361 days until next Christmas- yes I’m sad!
So anyway after the wonderful celebrations, alcohol guzzling and “Man v Food” consumption I’m ready to do some (dare I say) Uni work! But before I start posting some of my work up (well decide to do some to then actually have something to blog about) I thought I would do an outfit post… Boxing day I hit the sales with my brother (tradition me and him have going every year) and spend all our Christmas cash- Yes I had all my vouchers and money for less than 24 hours and it was all spent on the trip, what can I say a girl likes to spend! I’m a quick thinker when it comes to shopping, especially when there's sales. I literally spend 10 minutes in a shop and walk out with 5 different item- there is no faffing about when Miss Eastwood purchases- some may say problem, I say hobby.
Anyway I bought some beautiful shoes from Topshop in the sale reduced from £68-35- absolutely wonderful bargain! I decided to wear them when we had family over to show them off, I didn’t actually have this hat on but thought I would show it off because I think it’s cute and my mum bought me it in the sales.


Skirt- ASOS, Jacket- Oasis, Denim Shirt- Gone Retro, Hat- Marks and Spencer, Racoon fur collar- eBay

How cute are the shoes? I always think a bar across gives you that little extra support to help your feet last that little bit more on the dance floor.
Bow- hand made onto a pin, Necklace- H&M
Good Luck hitting the sales girls, beware of the pushers and ridiculous queues!
Charlotte x

Sunday, 25 December 2011

In Love with Christmas

Merry Christmas my Blog Fairies and have a Happy New Year! Today Father Christmas was extremely good to me: a gold Rotary Watch, Calvin Kline handbag, more jewellery, clothes, money and vouchers- spoilt brat comes to mind! But I don’t care I have been very good this year so I deserve it! I noticed had a 50% sale online the other day so I bought myself a Christmas present- this lovely silky feather print dress… came just in time for Christmas day!
Much Love and Christmas Puds (even though they are the most vile things in the world!) and go treat yourself!
Charlotte x

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas eve everybody! I have been so busy today where I have realised how much f-ing work I have to do over the break, I kind of hyperventilated a little, but still its xmas eve so that's my excuse of just forgetting about it for just the weekend!
Tonight I will be having champagne and nibbles, watching films and eating loads with my family. I hope you are all enjoying your holiday break!
Thought I would do a quick outfit post to show you what I’m wearing tonight, keeping it comfy as I’m not going out but still adding a little glamour- as its Christmas after all!
Skirt- H&M- I believe everybody should have a black simple cotton maxi skirt as its suitable for daytime and evening wear.
Chiffon top knotted- Valentino
Jewellery: Necklace from Turkey, cuff from the clothes show
I would like to apologise for the crap quality of my photos as I don't have my wonderful housemate Rosie and her camera to take photos of me- nightmare!
Have a wonderful evening,
Charlotte xx

Friday, 23 December 2011

Gothic Lipstick

Gareth Pugh is one of my favourite designers of all time! I love how gothic and sinister his clothing is, so I literally peed my panties when I heard that he was doing a collaboration with the make-up brand M.A.C. I just knew when I heard about the range it would be absolutely fabulous- he has toyed around with lightness vs. darkness, and black vs. white. Go to your local M.A.C store and check it out. I got even more excited when my friend posted this video created by fashion film director Ruth Hogben where she has unveiled Pugh’s first make-up range… take a peak, its quite creepy!
After watching this genius video I decided to do a post on gothic-glamour inspired lipsticks. I chose three colours; dark brown, dark purple and dark red. I want to show that you don’t have to wear black lipstick and cake on the white powder to add a little gothic glam to your look- lets not be too literal. However I did make a poor effort on my eye make-up (ooopps sorry), would get more of an effect with black Smokey eyes and thick fake eyelashes- to be fair I’m babysitting tonight so don’t want to go all gothic and scare the kids!
This lipstick was Revlon- Choco-Luscious
This one was Rimmel London- Kate Moss range- 04
The third lipstick was M.A.C- M.A.C RED (sorry had to get cheeky pout in there, couldn’t help myself!)
Go wild with it,
Charlotte x

Thursday, 22 December 2011

My secret love

I went to an all girls high school where it was only cool to wear Miss Sixty Jeans and Juicy tracksuits at the age of thirteen. Well I never wore Miss Sixty jeans because I was such a skinny mini and couldn’t fit into them. I also didn’t wear a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit that said “Juicy” across the bum because my mum thought they were tacky, which at the time I was a little miffed about this because I wanted to fit in-BUT oh my gosh Thank you mum for teaching me this- THEY ARE HIDEIOUS! (I understand we all have different opinions on this- but to me they scream tacky).
So anyway my point to this short story is that me and my mum have had this unhealthy obsession for going to Marks and Sparks for coffee and cake with a cheeky shop around the clothes- We have been doing this since forever. So instead of following the Miss Sixty and Juicy Couture craze when I was younger- we would explore else where and find better things. One place being Marks and Spencer. Which to a lot of teenagers is seen as “un-cool” but I have always had a love for this place. I seem to find the odd wonderful thing there, from the tights, underwear, the odd pair of summer sandals and heels, obviously the food and home wear- but my favourite being the Limited Collection section.
I don’t care what people say or how some people my age turn their noses up at the brand- I LOVE IT. I always get compliments when I wear something from there and people are shocked I found the clothes at M&S when they say; “OOO nice dress, where's it from?”- seriously go have a look in there, stop been such a Topshop Junkie- its all about VARIATION!!!!
Photos before I went out to meet my girls for drinks in Harrogate, wearing my new Marks and Spencer coat- Limited Collection. I adore it, it’s warm yet thin and its very well made, so worth the £85
Also when purchasing the coat and faffing about at Marks and Sparks with my mum, she was wearing some gorgeous patterned tights- yes my mum is probably one of the most well dressed mummys I know (not being biased). She was telling me about how she's really into them and I should get into them myself, so she picked out this pair of stocking like tights… bit racy I know- who cares, Love them!
Dress: Motel rocks, Ankle boots: Topshop, Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Charlotte xx

ASOS cont...

Here are some more of the Photos from the ASOS marketplace shoot…
This outfit was one of my favourites- thought it was quite cute but I was freezing my ass off. I think its not very appropriate for winter, blue hands and lips- not a glam look at all!
Charlotte xx

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

ASOS Marketplace

I’m so happy to be home for Christmas, I spent the last week of University in London- so apologies for not posting for a while. In London I attended a fashion and textile trend forecasting course at Central Saint Martins which was absolutely wonderful. I now feel comfortable and confident when researching and predicting- also enjoying trend forecasting. I do recommend it- although it is quite a pricey course- definitely worth it.
Anyway, I mentioned earlier on a post about how me and my friend Rosie did some work experience for Redrock fashion: styling, shooting and modelling. These were for ASOS marketplace outfits for the website. The designer has uploaded a few onto the website that we did. There are still more to be posted up there and also me and Rosie still need to do some more outfits when we are back from Christmas break.

This one was one of my favourite looks- Redrock fashion check print coat paired with my Vintage cream jumper, denim Levi shorts, white shirt with peter pan collar form American Apparel, necklace from Urban Outfitters, Clogs from TReds.
8b4d6e06-8a11-4e5b-a9ba-8a426287f4c1_huge 496e7acf-9994-4286-9511-d7f99a134ffa_huge
I would like to point out me and Rosie were fighting against the Light, Hurricane like wind- to the point where my eyes wouldn’t stop watering and freezing temperatures! However, it was a giggle running about like lunatics in the spitting rain and maybe getting a little tipsy after on a bottle of Rose each after the hard work… Great end to the day!
I will keep posting more of the ASOS outfits- don’t want to overwhelm each post.
Visit the collection:
Charlotte x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A bit more Vintage

So today I finally finished my essay, which consisted of me sitting in the library for 7 1/2 hours… seriously not cool, my brain feels like fried mush! I’m so pleased I have got it over and done with because I needed to get it handed in early. This is because I will be missing the last week of Uni- no I’m not going on holiday, I wish, I’m attending a trend forecasting course at Central St Martins. Will blog once I have completed it to show you what it consisted of. So anyway this week is so hectic along with having to hand all my work in early, pack my room up for Christmas and GET THIS… Redrock fashion asked my friend Rosie to be the photographer and direct a shoot for the brand that will be used for ASOS, I have been asked to model this and help style- pretty scary as my mug shot will be up on ASOS but still how exciting! So before this I thought I would do another Vintage inspired post as Redrock specialise in vintage, so it may exercise my brain a little for tomorrow (baring in mind I just did a 2500 word essay on the Ford Model T- yawwwwwn).
Vintage denim shirt from Gone Retro, Gold Belt from a vintage shop in London (favourite belt I own!), Shoes from Kurt Geiger (only the best) and Leather trousers from H&M.
Yes I bullied my friend Rosie to fish tail plait my hair… absolute Beaut!
I then added my most favourite piece of Vintage, my beaded jacket. Sadly I don't get to wear it much as the beads just fall off and its pretty painful when you stand on one bare footed- ouchy! But I thought I would whip it out for fun- I got this from a place called Trashy Flowers in Northampton, but sadly the vintage shop closed- luckily they are still online.
Wish me and Rosie Luck for Tomorrow
Charlotte x
Photos by Rosie :