Friday, 2 December 2011

Pretty In Vintage

This weekend I will be doing some work experience with Redrock Fashion at the Clothes Show in Birmingham! I’m so excited, last year I worked back stage of the main show dressing the models and dancers- it was absolutely amazing! I cannot describe the buzz back stage, you just have to be there to understand.
Redrock fashion take vintage clothes and alter them to a more stylish format, this year they will be having a stall at the clothes show, so if any of you are attending- please make sure you visit- definitely worth it!
Take a sneaky look at their website:
So anyway, I decided to do an vintage inspired blog post- Hope you like the pictures…
I love my little burnt orange, leather shorts- the rouged high waist reminds me of Chloe style shorts- except mine are better because they are LEATHER and waaaaaaaay cheaper- £28 to be exact!  I bought them from Gone Retro, which is a vintage shop in Northampton. I also added my vintage Mochino waist belt, I think the little heart is so sweet and I don't normally go for things with hearts on as to me they come across as tacky- but this one is so titchy and beautiful! 
I thought this outfit would look a little odd with flat shoes as the shorts are quite baggy which could make your legs look a little chunky monkey- so I squeezed on a pair of my ridiculously high heels- the higher the better. Yes they are high, and yes I can walk in them surprisingly… practise makes perfect.
I combined my look with some vintage/vintage inspired jewellery- yes I have gone vintage mad but this weekend I’m going to be surrounded by it, Pure Bliss!
The ring with the Jet stone in is from a jewellery shop in Leeds called Aladdin’s cave- It sells fabulous antique jewellery- little expensive but good investments. I was lucky enough to receive this on my 19th birthday from my parents- its a big bugger isn't it?
I got the green one in Turkey and the other ones from Camden Market… spoilt for choice in Camden, there's so many jewellery stands I went a bit buzurk and cross eyed there.
The cute necklace with a clock was from my friends for my birthday- I always wear it, so pretty.
Shirt- Warehouse, Bag- L.K.Bennett London, Hair flower- broach from H&M
I went a little accessory mad- but I don’t care, I like it!
Charlotte x


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