Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas goodbyes

Wow, how fast did Christmas go? I literally feel like it lasted for a few hours, suppose its only 361 days until next Christmas- yes I’m sad!
So anyway after the wonderful celebrations, alcohol guzzling and “Man v Food” consumption I’m ready to do some (dare I say) Uni work! But before I start posting some of my work up (well decide to do some to then actually have something to blog about) I thought I would do an outfit post… Boxing day I hit the sales with my brother (tradition me and him have going every year) and spend all our Christmas cash- Yes I had all my vouchers and money for less than 24 hours and it was all spent on the trip, what can I say a girl likes to spend! I’m a quick thinker when it comes to shopping, especially when there's sales. I literally spend 10 minutes in a shop and walk out with 5 different item- there is no faffing about when Miss Eastwood purchases- some may say problem, I say hobby.
Anyway I bought some beautiful shoes from Topshop in the sale reduced from £68-35- absolutely wonderful bargain! I decided to wear them when we had family over to show them off, I didn’t actually have this hat on but thought I would show it off because I think it’s cute and my mum bought me it in the sales.


Skirt- ASOS, Jacket- Oasis, Denim Shirt- Gone Retro, Hat- Marks and Spencer, Racoon fur collar- eBay

How cute are the shoes? I always think a bar across gives you that little extra support to help your feet last that little bit more on the dance floor.
Bow- hand made onto a pin, Necklace- H&M
Good Luck hitting the sales girls, beware of the pushers and ridiculous queues!
Charlotte x

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