Thursday, 22 December 2011

My secret love

I went to an all girls high school where it was only cool to wear Miss Sixty Jeans and Juicy tracksuits at the age of thirteen. Well I never wore Miss Sixty jeans because I was such a skinny mini and couldn’t fit into them. I also didn’t wear a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit that said “Juicy” across the bum because my mum thought they were tacky, which at the time I was a little miffed about this because I wanted to fit in-BUT oh my gosh Thank you mum for teaching me this- THEY ARE HIDEIOUS! (I understand we all have different opinions on this- but to me they scream tacky).
So anyway my point to this short story is that me and my mum have had this unhealthy obsession for going to Marks and Sparks for coffee and cake with a cheeky shop around the clothes- We have been doing this since forever. So instead of following the Miss Sixty and Juicy Couture craze when I was younger- we would explore else where and find better things. One place being Marks and Spencer. Which to a lot of teenagers is seen as “un-cool” but I have always had a love for this place. I seem to find the odd wonderful thing there, from the tights, underwear, the odd pair of summer sandals and heels, obviously the food and home wear- but my favourite being the Limited Collection section.
I don’t care what people say or how some people my age turn their noses up at the brand- I LOVE IT. I always get compliments when I wear something from there and people are shocked I found the clothes at M&S when they say; “OOO nice dress, where's it from?”- seriously go have a look in there, stop been such a Topshop Junkie- its all about VARIATION!!!!
Photos before I went out to meet my girls for drinks in Harrogate, wearing my new Marks and Spencer coat- Limited Collection. I adore it, it’s warm yet thin and its very well made, so worth the £85
Also when purchasing the coat and faffing about at Marks and Sparks with my mum, she was wearing some gorgeous patterned tights- yes my mum is probably one of the most well dressed mummys I know (not being biased). She was telling me about how she's really into them and I should get into them myself, so she picked out this pair of stocking like tights… bit racy I know- who cares, Love them!
Dress: Motel rocks, Ankle boots: Topshop, Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Charlotte xx

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