Tuesday, 20 December 2011

ASOS Marketplace

I’m so happy to be home for Christmas, I spent the last week of University in London- so apologies for not posting for a while. In London I attended a fashion and textile trend forecasting course at Central Saint Martins which was absolutely wonderful. I now feel comfortable and confident when researching and predicting- also enjoying trend forecasting. I do recommend it- although it is quite a pricey course- definitely worth it.
Anyway, I mentioned earlier on a post about how me and my friend Rosie did some work experience for Redrock fashion: styling, shooting and modelling. These were for ASOS marketplace outfits for the website. The designer has uploaded a few onto the website that we did. There are still more to be posted up there and also me and Rosie still need to do some more outfits when we are back from Christmas break.

This one was one of my favourite looks- Redrock fashion check print coat paired with my Vintage cream jumper, denim Levi shorts, white shirt with peter pan collar form American Apparel, necklace from Urban Outfitters, Clogs from TReds.
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I would like to point out me and Rosie were fighting against the Light, Hurricane like wind- to the point where my eyes wouldn’t stop watering and freezing temperatures! However, it was a giggle running about like lunatics in the spitting rain and maybe getting a little tipsy after on a bottle of Rose each after the hard work… Great end to the day!
I will keep posting more of the ASOS outfits- don’t want to overwhelm each post.
Visit the collection: https://marketplace.asos.com/seller/redrockfashion/collection
Charlotte x

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