Monday, 5 December 2011

Clothes Show 2011

Well, what a busy weekend I have had! This weekend I worked at the clothes show for Redrock fashion. This is a brand where they take vintage clothes and tweak them to a more up to date version. I worked on the stall selling the garments, promotion work, street style and I also was helping to be on the look out for the new face of the brand. I had so much fun being surrounded by clothes, models, music, oh and more models. Redrock stood out in comparison to all the other stands. Definitely worth the 4:30 starts- even though I was so paranoid I would have bags under my eyes, I made sure I had eye drops and revitalising eye serum on me at all times- looser? Of course!
I thought I would post a few photos from my time there.
Photos of the stall, full of vibrant colours, silk blouses, hot pants, furs, cowboy boots and so much more cool stuff!
Street Style photos at the clothes show
Of course I couldn’t keep away from the sequins…
Me hard at work, of course… maybe slightly posing!
On the last day we managed to squeeze in some time to go see the main show- B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Me and my friends, who also worked there, were literally so hyper when we left, then realised we had to go back to reality- How amaaaazing- NOT.
Hopefully I will be there next year doing something exciting again!
Charlotte x

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