Monday, 28 November 2011

My Jumper Fluster

When searching Brick Lane- in London for some street style to photograph I came across so many beautiful vintage shops… this is like placing a chubby-sugar loving kid in a sweet shop! I cannot resist sequins, most vintage shops I come across have sequined items- never leave me alone in the sequined section as I won’t have any Student Loan left! 
I was drawn to one of the shops as I could see some sequins shimmering at the corner of my eye. However I was here to do University work so I couldn’t fuel my addiction for too long.
I did however find a adorable oversized jumper with an explosion of sequins covering it!
I wish, I wish I could do fish tail plaits in my hair all the time, but unfortunately they turn into rat tails-fortunately my housemate offered to do one for me but I think she will regret this as I probably will make her do them all the time for me now.
Jumper paired with lace leggings from Top Shop from about two years ago.

I’m so pleased with this purchase which made my research day in London just that little bit better- comfort and glamour all in one-Winner!
Charlotte x

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