Sunday, 27 November 2011

Trend, Colour, Research and Mr Gareth Pugh

At university I’m in the process of researching and creating a customer profile for a designer/shop. Then I produce a mini collection that could be sold by the designer or for the shop I have chosen. Personally I didn’t want to look at the obvious of choosing Top Shop or any other high street brand. I want to work within high end fashion eventually so why study River Island when I can look at a really different and individual brand/designer. I chose the designer Gareth Pugh- women’s wear to study. After all he is one of my favourite designers- this makes it all so much easier to work with.
Firstly I made a board up of places I have currently visited and picked out key inspirational images to work from:
After producing this board, I took two key images that I wanted to take my colour palette from and created a colour board…
I love the idea of working with metallic, neutral and cool grey colours. We also had to choose a trend for Autumn/Winter 2012 to study from…
Taking the trend of Gothic Glamour- leathers, laces, statement steel like jewellery, chiffon and rubber. Combining this with my colour board and key inspirational images- I need to produce my mini “Gareth Pugh” collection.
This weekend I decided to go out and explore the world of Gareth Pugh’s clothing… well this is very hard as he actually doesn’t have a store anywhere in England! Therefore I took a quick trip to London with the boyfriend. He helped me have a peep into some of the very few shops that sell the wonderful pieces made by the genius himself- Gareth.
First stop 127.Brick Lane:
Although this was the only section on the rail that was in the shop, as a lot of the stock was sold out, the lady who worked there was so helpful. She even let me take photographs!
Take a look at the tight fitting, flowing fabric and futuristic designs:
I was hoping to purchase a ring from the collection but they had sold out everywhere as its so popular- I’m not surprised to be honest the ring is very unusual and it’s only £62!
Above is the ring I can’t stop obsessing about.
Next stop Layers London:
Inside was the collaboration of Gareth Pugh and Melissa collection which consisted of scented shoes! I felt a bit odd putting a shoe towards my nose in public and giving it a big old sniff! Sadly I was unable to take photos inside the store… however the cheeky girl I am, I stood in front of the massive shop window and zoooooooooomed in on my camera on some of the clothes- yes the shop assistant was staring at me-awkward but I do have university work to complete! Give me a break!
The cheeky snaps I took:
I then headed down to Dover Street Market as I knew they sold Pugh’s designs, but after the long walk and getting lost trying to find the place it came to my attention that they only sold a pair of leather trousers and a jacket!!! Disappointing or what?
After the small disappointment I decided to call it a day and explore London with my boyfriend. He was happy to so he could have fun and not have to be dragged about- and dodge the shop assistant whilst I take sneaky photos of clothes!
IMG_1312We found this cute lit up Christmas tree near Dover Street Market and instantly my mood was lifted! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Charlotte xxxx

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