Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Weekend in Antwerp

So last week I wish I could say with University "I jetted off to Belgium & Paris", however it was more like "I sat on a coach for 17 hours to get to Belgium". This was a disgustingly painful journey, especially knowing that I will only be at the first destination for a day and a half- was this even worth it?! As I sat on the coach waiting at Dover I did begin to doubt, why on earth did I agree to take part in this?! 
When we did finally arrive in Antwerp I was just thankful to be off the coach and to able to go to sleep in a clean environment. 
I regained my faith in the trip when exploring Antwerp, it was beautiful! The reason why we were there was to attend the 350 years celebration of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp & 50 Years Fashion Department Exhibition at the MoMu. This features the history and the related success story of Antwerp Fashion (Antwerp Six included). 
I have shared a few photos I took whilst exploring which I hope you like, my next post will be on the 50th anniversary of the Fashion Department.

Love (still recovering from coach "cabin fever") Charlotte x 
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