Sunday, 4 September 2011

Autumn/ Winter 2011 Trend Forecasting

At university we are taught how to trend forecast and are told to put these newly learnt skills into practice through our work. Its quite simple really, although there are so many trends that come out at once, you can predict them by collecting information in attempt to spot a pattern. Its a way of predicting the behaviour, mood, and buying habits of the consumer at a particular time of season. This can be done by looking at what's happening in the world through;
  • Film
  • News
  • Music
  • Media
  • Colour- we connect certain colours with different seasons through the year
  • Surveys
  • Lifestyle
For example, fashion can be highly influenced by film. If we look at the film -The Black Swan, the build up to this film and after caused people to want to buy ballet pumps, chiffon skirts and ballerina soft pastel colours. It influenced  the ballerina pleats in ChloĆ© spring/summer 2011 collection:
Zac Posen- Spring 2011 collection
Karl Lagerfeld shows the two themes of sweetness and perversity from the film in his Chanel Spring collection 2011
At university I put three boards together to show my interpretation on what trends will be around in Autumn/Winter 2011 by looking at the world around me, this is what I found;
Now looking through the Vogue trends in their magazine, I can see that my predictions through trend analysis has shown through in some of the trends that have come out this Autumn/Winter 2011.
Following trends I predicted;
To find out more on current Trends visit:

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