Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A step back in time

Today I was just reminiscing on my art foundation year which I completed when I was 18 years old. Most of my work was fuelled by taking inspiration from one of my favourite cutting edge designers Gareth Pugh. Pugh's attribute to fashion is his investigation with volume and form. He frequently uses ridiculously shaped, wearable sculptures to misrepresent the human body virtually past recognition. Pugh describes his designs as being about the struggle between lightness and darkness. Essentials in his designs include PVC inflated into capacious coats, black and white patchwork squares, Perspex discs linked like chain mail, and shiny latex masks and leggings.
Few examples of his gothic/sinister work;
I thought It would be fun to share with you the garments that I made when I was at college. They were inspired by Gareth Pugh’s style. I feel I have come along way since college and completing my first year of fashion uni, but it’s always nice to look back on where you started.

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