Friday, 4 May 2012

You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop

So stressed with uni work at the moment- just one more intense week until my main module is due in - ew!
I helped out my housemate Rosie with her fashion/textile portfolio work the other day. Rosie’s live project in industry was to design a wellie print. As the genius she is, as no one came up with this idea in her class, was to put together a lookbook. The theme for the lookbook was a music festival- so as the kind, amazing friend I am- of course, I raided my wardrobe and stood in the cold for her. The main idea was to Photoshop the prints onto the wellies after.
Pure dedication to my friend as 1. It was freeeeezing, 2. The field (known as “the racecourse”) had about 6 football matches on at the same time- embarrassing and 3. You can find some odd things in that grass, which I happily rolled around in!
Here are some cheeky snaps from the shoot.
I’m in love with this chiffon shirt from Topshop which has a cute cut out on the back- but you can’t see sadly in the photos…
Shorts- vintage, belt- vintage, headband- Topshop, Tights- Marks & Spencer, Wellies- Hunter, Leotard- American Apparel
This festival theme has really made me want to go to one this summer- then again I am going to Thailand (*cough* brag much)- suppose you can’t do it all!
Charlotte x
check out Rosie’s work:


  1. Hi Charlotte! I just discovered your blog. It's creative & outfits are cool. Would you like to appear in my blog about rain boots fashion in the world? Check it out & kisses!

  2. hi! yes that would be wicked if you just reference my blog when you feature me that would be great :) glad you enjoy my blog x

  3. Hi Charlotte! These pics of you jumping are great as your look. Would you like to appear in my blog about wellies fashion in the world? ;-D

  4. : D
    I don't ask a third time but I should buy me glasses! Well happy for your positive reply. Of course I will add your link, & mail you when it's online. I really like your style & your blog.

  5. WOW Charlotte I love your pics, your Tights and Wellingtons are rather sexy and I would love to feature you in my blog. your blog of course would get full credit.


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