Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Spring Fur

Seriously what is with this freaky weather?! First it’s hot-snow-rain-hail, then more rain all within a month. I just don’t know what to wear anymore as its Spring BUT I’M FREEZING!
Today I went to see a lovely, elderly lady across my road called Andy, she's French and oh gosh she has a vintage wardrobe to die for! I was thrilled when she let me come over to have a look at her fur collection! I went over to photograph her clothes for my uni work but I ended up leaving with a bag full of furry treats! This bag of furry treats consisted of a Beaver fur hat, a Sable fur collar (over 100 years old) and a Sable hand muff! I’m so spoilt and I will wear them all with pride- Thank you Andy!
I know it’s silly to think of the idea to wear fur in Spring time but I just wanted to show some of it off to you, to be honest with this awful chilly weather why the hell not?!
This is the Sable Fur collar she gave me- paired with a vintage dress I made ages ago from a child’s petty coat. Red clutch- Vintage shop in Paris, Belt- Michael Kors, Short Necklace- Jaeger, Long necklace- from Turkey, Tights- Henry Holland, Shoes- Kurt Geiger.
Keeping to the Paris theme I bought this Fox fur cropped jacket in Paris years ago- still to this day I have never worn it out the house- NAUGHTY!
Sable Fur hand Muff
And yes I am aware it would be absolutely obscene to wear the hand muff in Spring time- BUT HOW CUTE IS IT!?
You may think I have gone mad with all this Fur chat! I blame the sun, where the hell are you???
Charlotte x

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  1. STUNNING outfit you're so gorgeous. I love your blog so much...happy to be your newest follower!


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