Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter or Essay?

Happy Easter Sunday and I hope everyone is enjoying their time off! Sadly I have that much University work (this bloody essay for one; on capitalism and sustainable markets is one of the most horrific pieces I have had to do) I still haven't had the chance to eat any chocolate today- not even a crumb. OUTRAGEOUS! Still time to catch up this evening, let’s not panic!
So last December I treated myself to a beautiful dress by Aqua Couture- which was a slight impulse buy as I actually didn’t give myself time to think about where the hell I was going to wear this beauty. It’s too nice to be wasted on a drunk student night in Northampton, but thankfully a couple of months later, last Friday to be precise, was my friends belated 21st Birthday. This was the perfect occasion for it to be worn- FINALLY!
Yes the fringing was a bloody nightmare getting into a taxi and yes I told all my girlfriends to be on “boob watch” as I thought I could have popped out… but it was all so worth it. The colour was also a very unusual choice for me as I would normally go straight for navy or black. All in all it was an absolutely fabulous night!
Charlotte x


  1. love that dress,follow you <33

  2. The dress looks beautiful! Loving the twirl x

  3. Awesome dress! love the looks ...

    Candace lynn


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