Monday, 2 April 2012

Turning Tables

First of all I would like to apologise for neglecting my blog- it has been a tough month and a half for me with university work, constantly getting poorly and dare I say: Silly MEN- Lets not go there. But all you need to know is I feel absolutely amazing at the moment and everything seems to be back on track and I’m a much stronger person- Finally! 
Secondly, I have some absolutely fabulous news; I had an interview in Dalston, London at Soda Studios for a summer work placement the other week. The placement is working with the design team for Supremebeing™ which I’m proud to say I got the job! Yay-  a round of applause for me please! Take a peak at their website: 
Thirdly, the edgy vintage brand REDROCK are having a Vintage & Handmade Pop Up Shop in Northampton on the 4th May so come along and shop the incredible discounted prices- you know you want to!
Finally, a small update on what I have been getting up to. A couple of weeks ago I worked with the designer of REDROCK where I modelled some of their clothing for ASOS- I had such a lovely day, constantly giggling, drinking tea and of course dressing up in some seriously cool clothes! Thank you REDROCK! Take a look at their website for some retail therapy:
Here are some snaps from the shoot, enjoy.
And Finally the Charlotte Dress which REDROCK kindly named after me, which obviously I had to buy it after that- sorry guys hands off, this baby is mine!
Charlotte x

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