Thursday, 23 August 2012

Like a Boy

As Vogue put as a trend this Autumn/Winter 12-13; “The Rise of Oversize” is essential when wrapping up warm. Steal your Boyfriend’s, Dad’s, Grandfather’s jumpers to create the oversized look- paired with some heels to keep it feminine this season. I spotted this blue, thin knit jumper hanging in my dad’s wardrobe today, and I just had to get my mucky mitts on it! I can’t stand the fact it’s starting to get colder and rainy already, so despondently the time has come to whip out the rainmacs and woollen jumpers. Then again, all the new trends are being published for the new season now- so I presume it’s an excuse to purchase a new jacket...jumper…pair of boots, or two!  
Today I wore:
IMG_4548  IMG_4549
Vintage Ray Bans, Vintage oversized Clutch and Pendant
IMG_4558  IMG_4563
Boots- Zara, Mac- Warehouse, Gap Jeans cut into shorts, cream Topshop shirt, Jumper- Compliments of my Father!
Bangles- Thailand, Rings- antique, Camden market, Pandora
Charlotte x
Twitter: @eastwood44


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