Thursday, 16 August 2012

Nothing but my Birthday Suit

As promised before, I was going to share with you what I wore for my 21st birthday. It took me two months to find this dress- searched all over Leeds and London which was just shambolic as there was NOTHING! I also had the dilemma of finding some shoes to go with the dress, as the dress I had chosen was heavily embellished. Therefore, I needed something simple, yet I insisted on ridiculously high shoes. Nightmare- but I would rather be picky than hideously panic buy, then regret- which I feel is an easy mistake to fall into when you're restricted for time (yes we are all guilty for it- “STEP AWAY from the black paintent platforms Charlotte, they will not go with everything!”- “If you buy shoes from Topshop- YOU ARE NOT CHEATING on Kurt Geiger!”).
The outfit finally came together just days before the party and I was very pleased with my choice!
IMG_4521   IMG_4522
Dress- All Saints
Shoes- Carvela
IMG_4517  IMG_4524
Head Band- Jon Richard
I definitely felt like a princess for the day! Thank you to my parents who made my day so special. Here are some photos from the party:
IMG_3549  IMG_3537
IMG_3602  P7140936
Charlotte x
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  1. Ahh you look so lovely, gorgeous outfit

  2. You look amazing! Love the dress~


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